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Tera Mai (Reiki & Seichem) Treatment

A treatment feels like a beautiful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

TM Reiki & Seichem treats the whole person including body, mind and spirit. Clients may feel a range of sensations that include deep relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results.


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Amatsu Balance

Amatsu therapy is a way to balance the body and calm irritated nerves. It normalizes sluggish bodily functions and is used to keep the body healthy and strong. Amatsu reduces tension, increases circulation and revives and rejuvenates the body while enabling the body to also deeply relax.


It focuses on the head, spine, pelvis and the feet to bring about symmetry and paralateral movement. It re-alignes and rebalances a person from head to toe, whilst balancing the meridian circuits of the body and the intrinsic cranio-sacral system. 


Amatsu can be used to treat many musculo-skeletal and lifestyle related conditions and to aid the restoration of well being and good health.  


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Sound Therapy - Tibetan Singing Bowls

Explore the healing power of the vibration of sound. 


In ancient times sound was used as a powerful tool for meditation, healing and self-transformation. Discover the ancient art of healing the beneficial effect coming from the Singing Bowl vibration. It is an effective and proven modality to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health.


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Thai Massage Treatment

A Thai Massage treatment is ideal to increase flexibility, release stress and to deeply relax, as well as to boost the level of health, well-being and vitality.

The many therapeutic benefits of Thai Massage are appropriate for almost everyone. 


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