Food for thought

Emotional-physical connection to illness


The oldest, traditional health systems in the world agree that most illness is caused by - or is at least connected to - emotional problems. Today we know that emotional problems cause physiological changes from narrowing arteries to increased production of gastric juices.

Yet, the physical symptoms are not caused by the event itself. They arise when residual energy from the event is not discharged from the body. This energy remains trapped in the nervous system where it can seriously affect our bodies and minds. On the most basic terms most people can probably relate to those responses:

  • Stress causes Heartburn and Heart Conditions
  • Nervousness causes Upset Stomach
  • Anxiety causes Headache or Insomnia
  • Fear causes Abdominal Cramps


If the mind can make us sick, why shouldn't it be able to make us well?


A habit of negative thinking 

We humans, it seems have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day.
98 percent of them are exactly the same as we had the day before and significantly 80 percent of our thoughts are negative!


This is important because of the mind/body connection mentioned above.
From experience you will know that doing a lot of mental work all day will leave you physically tired and when you are tired physically, it’s hard to think clearly.


Most people's minds operate like a hyper-kinetic, unruly, two-year-old child with very little attention span and no apparent focus. In this state it is almost impossible to control the constant stream of thought and because 80 percent of thoughts are negative we create a habit of negative thinking.

This is particularly draining because our body produces chemicals that will weaken the physiology when our thoughts contain words like “never”, “cannot” or some sort of complaints or if we diminish our own or another person’s sense of self-worth.


We have the potential to change this habit of negative thinking once we become aware of our mental dialogue.

By consciously choosing to change our negative thoughts into positive ones, for example: I am never going to achieve this into I don’t know yet how to achieve it, but I’ll take one step at a time one can break through the limitations that we impose on ourselves and opens up to all the possibilities.

It takes 40 days to shift the consciousness or to create a new habit - not much time and a relatively small commitment. Try it out and see where it takes you!