"Amatsu is the future!

Anna fixed my arm after major surgery meaning I now have full range of motion when physios told me I wouldn't ever again! She has untangled nerves and muscles in my hips and shoulder and really helped me overcome the damage that shingles caused to my nervous system. Most importantly she is the reason I can stay active,healthy and productive."                           Marianna

"Anna is a true blessing. 

Whether you have the joy of attending her yoga class, or indulge yourself with the ulitmate present to yourself of an energy treatment, you will come away feeling so much better just for being in her presence. She has a wonderful vital energy, and her delight with Life is contagious.


Anna has a wonderful gift of holding sacred space, that allows us the opportunity for the healing and transformation of mind, body and spirit as we move along the path of our own individual life journey. Over the last couple of years I have gone through a marriage breakup and cancer, and my recovery and my joy with life, is in no small way due to my relationship with Anna, to the safe and sacred space she provides, and to the amazing gift she shares. She has been like a beacon of light to me through it all. 

My time with her is a vital part of my wellbeing. 


I keep her calling cards with me at all times, and share them with anyone I think would enjoy and benefit from her presence. She is such a treasure, I think everyone should know her!"                           Eimear

"I love Kundalini yoga and I love Anna's yoga class. Every class is like a healing. It's a beautiful time out to connect with myself and what's going on for me. It has helped me enormously to strengthen my body and support my overall health and well-being and recovery from illness. I love that this kind of yoga also focusses on emotional and spiritual health, and uses beautiful mantras and music. Each class is different and works on a different aspect of health and well-being.  Anna's teaching is gentle and loving and always with good humour, and she has an excellent knowledge of yogic science and holistic health. I highly recommend this class."                                                                                         Elaine

"When I went to see Anna, I had been suffering for over a year with a sore shoulder & lower back. I tried both physiotherapy and massage, to little long lasting effect. After a couple of weeks of starting the Amatsu treatments, I felt a definite improvement, with the pain fully resolved by the end of the treatments. Six months on, I am still feeling the benfits. Anna's skill & attentiveness really eased any apprehensions I had about the treatments themselves."         Rita-Anne (ND, Dip. Herb., MINA, MIRH)

"I have been a regular attendee of Individual Journey's yoga classes for almost a year now. Anna is a true professional with a very warm and compassionate composure. I absolutely love her classes, they are excellently thought out and structured. A beautiful mix of postures, breath work, mantra and mudras. You can also be sure of a giggle or two as Anna always brings a fun element to her classes. 


It is very obvious that Anna loves what she does. Her knowledge is outstanding. 


Having chronic sinus problmes for years I am always amazed at how clear I can nose breath following Anna's classes. 

I love the way I feel after Anna's classes. I come away feeling energised, lifted, lighter and have a joy in my heart and soul. 

Anna is an amazing teacher and person who will help you on your own individual journey."                                             Edel Rochford

"Before I met Anna, I was a lost and empty shell. Life was a struggle and although I was actively engaged in therapy and medicated, I was stuck between life and death. My therapist suggested along with "talk therapy" I needed some alternative healing from a higher power. 

I trawled through the internet and eventually I came across "Individual Journey", with a picture of Anna. I met with Anna and my first session was filled with love and acceptance. It was very intense, lots of tears, but I completely handed my trust over to Anna and the guardian angels. I had experienced some Reiki healing before but nothing like what the combination of Reiki, Tibetan Singing Bowls and the spirit working through Anna had on me. 


I have really come on a journey and there was difficult times, but to really get the best from the healing, you have to actively listen to the messages received and advice from Anna. I was lost, but I've more love and light in my soul than I ever thought possible and as I always tell Anna: "I'm so blessed to have you in my life, as I don't know where I would be now."


If you're in a dark, lonely, hopeless place, with no sense of self or self-worth, take that step and contact Anna. Wishing you all, the wonderful blessings, love and light to come."                  Another fellow traveler xx

"I had no previous experience of Amatsu before I went to see Anna. I found it a profound practice that had ongoing positive benefits days and even weeks after each session. 

Anna's gentle and attentive manner creates an immediately soothing and nourishing atmosphere. Her intuitive, holistic awareness and technical proficiency makes here a truly accomplished healer. I am recommending her to everyone I know."                      Jonah (Artist)

"Having had no yoga experience, I explored which type I thought would suit me best, and Kundalini it was to be. My delight to find a local Kundalini yoga class! I immediately contacted Anna, who created a calm & caring atmosphere.


Anna is both challenging and inspiring as a teacher. She provides a safe, warm & motivated environment for individual discovery and growth. Each class makes me feel brighter, stronger and more uplifted, creatig a harmonious balance between my physical well-being and my ever expanding consciousness. 


It is a place where one can leave the external at the door and truly focus on ourselves. 


Thanks Anna for the ever increasing strength and flexibility! :-)  "

"Anna is a very gentle and effective therapist who always gives you her full attention at every visit. She creates a safe and nurturing environment and uses all of her skills to tailormake the treatment session for you.  I find that she has a way of listening that picks up from our conversation precisely that which needs to be looked at, and holds that sacred space for you. 


I always find the treatments so relaxing but also powerful in bringing positive change into my life.  She has been a great support to me and does so much more than I can put into words."       Rita


"Anna instantly created a tranquil and soothing atmosphere in my Reiki session with her and I achieved a deep sense of relaxation and rest during my treatment. I found Anna to be highly professional and the attention and care she brought to my session created a unique healing experience."

Barbara (PhD Student)

"Anna Rossberg is most suited to this work with a sparkling warm personality, open positively to do her utmost in balancing and healing in a gentle way plus being strong and resilient, with great stamina and smiling confidence.  

I was most impressed with the dynamic efficiency she worked through the diagnosis phase, her thoroughness in opening my body to the healing phase and the nurturing affirmative phase to end each session...sending me off to journey with strength. 


She has thought about what she does thoroughly and seems always seeking to improve with sensitive, respectful questioning to fit the sessions she is giving to the real needs of her client - in this case me. In fact, I did not feel like a client, more a long lost friend needing a hand.  I recommend her highly to anyone for such an uplifting experience ...in being opened to healing and just as a human person on our journey...respected and nurtured. 

Many thanks Anna and bless you for your work.   Namaste."  David (Teacher)

"Anna has a lovely energy, very gentle and light and that comes through in the session. She is very approachable and easy to get along with which made my Tera Mai Healing Session a pleasant experience. The chats in the beginning and at the end were really great. It opened things up and made it more personal and easy to relax and I didn't feel like I had to rush out straight away after the session. 

I would definitely recommend her to anyone and love to use her service again in the future. "


"I have a lot of experience with holistic therapies, due to a serious illness, but I had never had an Amatsu treatment before, nor a healing from Anna.  The Amatsu was very interesting and quite diverse in the techniques it employs to help with physical problems. For me it was gentle, but also powerful, and I came away feeling more aligned and relaxed in my physical structure. Plus, I enjoyed receiving the treatment very much. 


I found Anna to be professional, competent and very loving in her approach.  She addressed the issues I came to her for with diligence and I found her touch to be reassuring and effective.  I definitely felt a shift after each session and my body responded eagerly to the healing.  


I think Anna is a dedicated healer and I would no hesitation recommending her to anyone."

April (The Future is Bright)

"Having not tried Reiki previously I was very doubtful of its benefits, however once I started I found it to be of huge benefit to me. The amout of head clearing and good energy I benefitted from was unbelievable any doubt I had to the benefits of Reiki were dispelled within the first few sessions.


Thank you Anna for introducing me to a whole new experience."

Karl (Sales & Marketing Director)

"I so enjoyed my Amsatsu sessions with Anna. She brought in some of her techniques as a reiki and massage therapist practitioner which I felt enhanced an already very positive experience. I felt happier, more positive and lighter and more energetic in my body in the days and weeks following the treatments.  

Anna was really lovely to engage with – friendly, open, intuitive, non-intrusive and down-to-earth.  I would recommend the treatment to others and will very likely be trying it again myself ."      

Cleo (Curator and Yoga Teacher)

"I have had a couple of Reiki treatments from Anna, especially before difficult meetings. During the treatment I felt stress relieved and energized straight away. Because of my hectic job I need a break now and then for my body and soul to recover. The Reiki treatment is like a short trip - escaping the everyday life for a while - as a result I feel energized, relieved and free of blockages and this allows me to be more effective every day.


I can confidently recommend Anna as a solid and reliable expert in her field." 

Nessy (Head-Nurse)

"I had no previous experience with Amatsu and was surprised to find the treatment very gentle but with good results. It was a combination of precision and intuition with simple movements that showed were attention was needed. Anna worked carefully and meticulously. Afterwards the body felt lighter and more balanced than before. I would recommend anyone to give Amatsu a chance."

Anna (Artist)